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TC Lim & Shereen Khoo Wedding @ Cititel Hotel Penang

Last month I just join my ex-company wedding dinner from Shereen. It was a fantastic night in Cititel and everyone just dance along with the music.

I create a Video and hope everyone likes the tunes.


Yen Khai & Huey Wan Wedding @ G Hotel June 2011

It’s my first time to attend Wedding at G Hotel this year. The meal is fabulous and the service are quite nice indeed.

Check it out my first ever wedding video edit. Hope everyone like it.

SMCpg #4 in Chai Diam Ma – eat, drink, meet

It’s a beautiful morning today that I attend this meet up after the twestival. This time meet up is about chatting around on social media topic.

chai diam ma

The location this time is Chai Diam Ma and it’s fully of local old stuff which can remind our childhood memories. The meal are nice indeed and check it out on their menu which is just display on their wall.

The meet up poster

We start to have a nice introduction from Tjun Chye on talking on SMCpg current and upcoming progress. Next we have our meal and begin to chit chat. I was thinking maybe we can have a game to make it more merrier and it works. This game is called Guessing game which let a person to guess the answer but others have to give hints or clue to guess the answer. To play this, I have use a LCD monitor which connected with my iPhone to have mirror display on the pictures. So everyone can see the clue except the person need to guess the answer.

location is wow

Everyone is just laughing when the game start as we all using different kind of method to give the clue to the contestants. I feel quite happy that everyone is participate this games and make everyone a memorable fun indeed.

everyone sitting down

cake with ice cream

group photo

PC Fair Penang 06 – 08 May 2011

It’s now , the PC fair Penang from Pikom in PISA start Friday till Sunday on 6th to 8th May 2011.

This time Switch also promote their latest iMac and other Apple products as well on this. Please bear in mind no iPad 2 sales from Switch as the 2nd batch stocks will given to those pre-book sales from the first day on iPad 2 sell.

Broadband fair will be another hit again from various telco. So let’s get shopping

Gathering for my ex-inti classmates

2nite we have a lots of discussion for the current job role … this is very promising indeed and real fact…

We have a drink at one of the pub and we just discuss the people which graduate and how they go for the future role… Things are not easy after you have graduate. Some just want to married and enjoy normal life. Some would like to trick people money. Some are working in the office and cannot achieve anything good on the career. Some is working with different mindset.

I’m categories as the working hard in office but didn’t earn anything in return. Either work so hard but doesn’t benefits to the company, or the benefits is too low. They say perhaps my talent or skill is not for servicing on a company as they are unable to see my talent on this.

What I can understand is when anyone in the social, it need to be making friends and choose the friends wisely. The world is so small and please do not try to make any revenge to the people. In the end if they succeed, they shall revenge back .

TGV Cinema in 1st Avenue Jan ’11

Today evening I went to Tanjung Golden Village Cinema which is just opened few days ago to see how to compare with another famous Cinema in Penang.

When I enter the cinema room I was watching the show – Home Coming. The cinema room is number 8. The difference i can see is the seat are more space compare the cinema in Gurney Plaza. Your leg can stretch to the front seat without touching as well. The couple seat however is from one row to three row, so giving more couple to enjoy the show very much.

There is however a promotion to get Buy 1 free 1 for Citibank credit card holder. Max is 4 tickets total. So anyone want to watch movie on the weekend, this is the best deal to enjoy movie with Citibank credit card.

Yes4G selling location in Penang – Jan ’11

I try to check few website to see where any Yes 4G have been sold in Penang at the moment. I just figure it out from my findings.

1) Get from USM – University Sains Malaysia. It is located in nearby Main Library , Dewan Kuliah H . Operation hour is from 9am – 6pm business hour. I manage to go there but it’s over 6pm and nobody is at there. To get there, drive from the Sg. Dua gate area, once go in, make a turn right and drive a little bit up hill. Try to park your car on the left side where some stalls are selling some stuff, and you can just walk into the Main Library there .

2) A computer shop in Prangin Mall. I am unable to disclose as it is still unofficial statement from Yes website. But it is very easy to find when it is in the computer zone at there.

There is one places outside Queensbay , bay avenue where a Yes4G service sign has been put on one of the shop lots there. Once confirmed from Yes4G website, then I shall release the info here as well.

Hopefully there will be many places for consumers to get the Yes 4G broadband connection.


Soft Launch on Penang | Bay Avenue

For anyone who likes get Tips from stock market, they need to know about the history of the company they invest. Hence have introduce their database to track out how good each company listed on the database.

They have soft launch in Penang branch and Mr Ng will be the representative in Penang branch to teach people how to use this software to get the best tips from the equation. There are few courses start from C101 to learn how to use and T101 for tutorial . Mr Ng will give the lecture in Mandarin.

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before the seminar

the laughing

getting ready


nice flower

free dinner

seminar wana start

more and more

the talk start

The Boss Son