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Rainy pictures in Penang

Today morning is totally rain like cats and dogs which I am unable to go to have my normal routine for jogging in Botanical Garden. I try to get my new camera gear and start shotting… Hope everyone enjoy.


Gedget Review coming soon

After few days of rest, it’s ready to ditch up new blog very soon…

I feel energetic and going to write a few gadgets around…
stay tuned.

3 years 6 month … thank you

Today is my last day working in a very big IT company. It is very emotional and everyone quickly come and find me once I send out my goodbye mail.

For me, this is my first full time job and I really treasure a lot. The environment and the people are just way different which makes me sometimes think many ways to solve an issues. I shall rest a while, doing my part time blog here, and start my new career on next month.

Thanks you so much and I shall see everyone soon after have my rest, yippie.

Happy Mother Day to every Mummy

It’s a lovely Sunday and I would like to wish every mummy Happy Mother Day.

This morning I quickly wait the flower shop to open and get some cheap flowers. Eventually most of the flower will be expensive today in most flower shop.

PC fair will be end today and mostly last day will be crowded and packed.

Mini review iPad 2 after Launch in Penang

At last Malaysia have the chance to get iPad 2 from 29 April and everyone is queueing up to get this gorgeous products. There are still yet other tablets selling in Malaysia very soon such as Motorola Xoom (from May 6), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ( unknown released ) , Acer and others more.

So some of my friends have encounter the most issue happen for iPad 2 which is the smart cover and the LED backlight bleeding. They have white version of iPad 2 and they test it out and have many bleeding display from the tablet itself when display a black picture. The smart cover issue is it really doesn’t protect the ipad 2 front screen to keep out from dust. But it giving dust to go inside to the iPad 2. The only thing is they quickly clean it up before they can use it.

Many people still go to shops and ask when it is available. My advise is please get it order online and save your petrol, parking tickets and telephone calls to ask for iPad 2 availability. It just took around 2 weeks for delivery and promise you won’t be so suffer as everyone can see the feedback from facebook fan page on respective Apple Premium Reseller Store.

For the ipad 2 accessories, I am able to see the Digital AV adapter but no iPad 2 dock is available. If anyone need the iPad 2 Dock, please get from Apple Online Store which is selling RM 89, cheaper than the previous iPad 1 Dock by RM 10 . This weekend maybe have a iOS gathering so do stay tuned.

It’s Official : iPad 2 selling in Malaysia on 29 April 2011

So It’s official from Apple website that Malaysia is one of the list to launch iPad 2 this Friday on 29th April 2011.

The country which include this times are : Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and UAE . Japan will have release on 28th April which is tomorrow.

As in Lowyat forum all speculate price are below :

iPad 2 Pricing –

WiFi Version :
16GB RM1499.
32GB RM1799.
64GB RM2099.

WiFi+3G version:
16GB RM1899.
32GB RM2199.
64GB RM2499.

Imagine the price just slightly change on 32GB Wifi or 16GB Wifi+3G which make a lot of people to think 3 times whether to choose bigger storage or with 3G. For my opinion, if you doesn’t need GPS, then get the wifi. I will get the wifi and Yes Huddle which provide excellent speed for internet experience.

hopefully if possible I wish to go to shopping mall to wait patiently and join the fun on this iPad 2 launch.

Join @penangtwestival 24 Mac 2011 Sticks Queesbay Mall

Just one more week to go , Penang Twestival shall held this charity event worldwide on 24th Mac 2011.


Introduction for Twestival in youtube


And introduction for Penang Twestival 2011


Each Ticket is selling RM 40 and first 100 who arrive at Sticks Queesbay Mall on that day will have the goodies bag from various sponsor company. During the night, there will be snacks and drinks, lucky draw, auction and many other exciting event to go.

Click on the Penang Twestival website for more info . They need more sponsors on this event to make it happen.

This event is 100% non-profit and all the fund will proceed to our local charity which is NASAM – National Stroke Association of Malaysia.

For ticket purchase, you can find me via twitter @babysmile88 .


Sunday Shooting for @penangtwestival

this morning I have go to Komtar to have a photo shooting for Penang twestival 2011 team photo.

Nuffnang Freebies – Movie ticket on Drive Angry

I have been lucky to selected to see the movie Drive Angry this coming Saturday on 26th Feb 2011 at 1st Avenue in the afternoon. There are 10 bloggers / twitters are selected for this special event.

There will be many activites involved specially a car show coming from KL to Penang in order to support Nicholas Cage newest Movie : Drive Angry. Nuffnang are so kind to sponsors the tickets to bloggers to enjoy this exciting movie this week.

Hopefully I can enjoy this movie and share to everyone on the movie review.

More details are on this link on the program on this coming Saturday.

Choosing Camera , which DSLR on budget …

last few days I go and find the camera that I have in mind currently – Canon 60D.  I check with the shop seller on Canon 600D and he revert me this gonna wait till another 2 quarters.

Price range start from 3499 for with Kit lens 18-55 till 4399 with Kit lens 18 – 200 . Price is main factor as either I have to pay for less zoom or more money for best zoom ever.

If anyone have cheap deal, please let me know. Thanks a lots.