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Jeff Chang & Olivia Ong Musical Party in Auto City, Juru 7 Nov 2010

It is been very lucky I have the chance to see Jeff Chang 张信哲 and Olivia Ong 王俪婷 on live performance held in Auto City, Juru with their mini concert : “You And Me” Musical Party.

There is also a Signature event in Gurney Plaza this afternoon but I didn’t join that.


Overall, It is a spectacular music event indeed. Kudos to everyone involved on this event.

Jeff & Olivia


Kudos to Winner in “China got Talent 2010” – Liu Wei 刘伟

I just saw the video and it is really truely touching everyone heart. I can assure mostly people be touched by his excellent play.

China in this year have the first chance to get this famous program “China Got Talent” or in Chinese “中国达人秀”. Last time UK have start this program”British Got Talent” and it really giving a tremendous excellent feedback from the audience.

When Liu enter this contest, he doesn’t have both hand but he would like to play Piano to the judges. He is using his toes and feet to play. From start, I was like he is just playing a simple songs to impress the judges and spectators. I was stunted when I saw him playing a classical songs which even I can’t play it that well in my both hands. Everyone after see his performance are standing up and clipping hand to praise his hard work. He have march to semi final and this time he play and sing on 爱的代价 ( Paybank on Love ). In the final, he plays and sings “You’re Beautiful”. He got the most votes and crowned as the winner in China Got Talent 2010.

He will soon join with other people to attend the roadshow on World got Talent and everyone who have the chance , please do support on this excellent person.

A few golden words he have share to everyone :

I only have two choices of life – ” Either die faster or live with passion”.

Nobody say Piano can only be played by hands.

My survive are required three elements only – Air, Water and Music.

Everyone say how am I going to survive like this, I just said to myself  ” I still have a perfect  feet “.

Everyone must take risk towards the dream.

STP Sound Proof – come to silent those noise

Last few days I just received a parcel from KL. I found out the cheapest I can find this branded car sound proof is from forum. Many thanks to him for helping me to source out. Normally if I want to get these cool stuff, the price will be freakin expensive… Blame to be made to the Authorized dealer, which the products aren’t expensive on other countries seriously.

These parcels are to help me eliminate the squeak from the door panel and also to minimize the rattle from the component speaker. I order STP Crystal which is to prevent other noise feedback from the component speaker. It consist of 2 pieces of hexagon shape to stick it on outer layer of the inner door panel.

Another is STP BTP 5 Gold, which to cover the whole door panel to prevent the awkward sound feedback playing from the mid component speaker. This box consists of 3 sheets and it’s able to cover each door per piece. It just like a sponge but it will reshape back to normal once i have press the sponge to the thinnest they can achieve. This is to cover back the gap between the door metal and door panel when it’s clip on. Consequently when the sponge restore back to original, we won’t have anymore gap and reduce the rattles come out from the component speaker.

Overall, I am quite happy with the result and it does really work and help me solve a lots of rattling noise came from each door. The sound are more clearer and really helps to improve the quality of this music.

STP cyrstal

STP TP Gold 5

inside STP BTP 5

another image close up STP BTP 5

Rockford Fosgate sound good

Weather : Sunny    Temp : 29 Celsius


My Lovely Tweeter – from Rockford Fosgate Power T1652-S. Love it a lots.


End. baby Wink