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Blackberry Playbook Mini Review – impress

Last weekend my friend show me his new poison stuff, the Blackberry Playbook. At the moment Malaysia still haven’t selling yet officially but this unit is bought from US as usual.

blackberry playbook

Mostly people start asking : iPad 2 is the hottest tablet right now in Malaysia and keep selling like hot cakes, why this person give up and get this playbook instead? His answer is simple : To be different what other person doesn’t have.

the power button  with volume control

From my initial feeling, it’s quite small if compare with iPad and of course you can say you can carry it out by just fitting into a smaller bag. My friend show me how to wake up the playbook without pressing the power button and it works by just a touch from bottom to middle and the screen display just stood up. This is what I am impress compare with iPad. I will not using 4 or 5 fingers to minimize the apps to mainscreen from iPad or iPad 2, instead Playbook are just using one fingers to rule them all. Top slide to show Status bar, bottom slide to minimize the apps, left corner slide to center to show keyboard, and left or right swipe is to switch programs. That’s is awesome.

ipad and playbok

Pros :
– 7″ inch are easy to carry. Multitasking are awesome.
– Hand gesture are awesome . No home button from front screen compare with iPad or Galaxy Tab.
– Stereo speakers.
-using microhd cable to display Full HD mirror display to any Full HD tv.

iphone and playbook

Cons :
– basic apps available. Limited 3rd party application from developer.
– power button are hard to press.

behind playbook

Price range : 16GB US$499 32GB US$599 ( or around RM 2k ), 64GB US$ 699. All not include sales tax.


First Day of iPad 2 selling in Penang Island – Very Pack indeed

This is it. The first Day of iPad 2 launching nationwide in Malaysia. I try to cover they hype in Penang section with much information from friends and facebook updates.

I still remember around 6 am, it suddenly rain like cats and dogs with thunder as well. I am thinking people will be coming to respective shopping center a bit late and start to queue up. I saw facebook updates from one of the Apple Authorised Reseller Shop in KL where people start line up on midnight already where Penang yet doesn’t. This is due to the security guards on the shopping center which is not been approved to have campers to wait outside the shops from late night.

I quickly drive to one of the biggest shopping center in Penang which is Queesbay Mall where I shall go back to work after checking the situations on two Apple Authorised Shops. One will be Switch and another is Harvey Norman. When I arrive around 8am, there are around 11 people line up at the Switch but none on the Harvey Norman. There is a problem in Harvey Norman as there are some renovation happen at there and the workers are working very hard which later Harvey Norman will open very soon.

I try to capture some photo between two shops and I can see the demo unit of iPad 2 in Harvey Norman but not in Switch as it is too dark inside. There is no pole queue in Switch by the time when I reach there. Everyone just sit there outside the Switch waiting the Switchers to prepare.

I quickly have a quick chat with people queuing on both places. Everyone is exchanging ideas on the iPad 2 availability, how much stock will have on the store and what model & color they try to getting it. Before I left the shopping mall before 9am, at that time Switch have around 15 people queue and Harvey Norman will have around 6 people.

When I reach to office, I saw the updates from Switch facebook where many ppl have line up in different places from Gurney, Queensbay, Straits Quay , Jusco BM and etc. Switch Shop in Gurney and The Mines will have some Early bird treatment which is Mc Donald breakfast threatment. About 9.30am, most of the people have a very long queue in different places and waiting the shop to open and start selling. Some shop selling from 10am onwards, some from 10.30am onwards.

Information what I gather from different places in Penang Island –

Switch Gurney Plaza
– light breakfast treatment from Mc D
– long queue from 8 onwards around 40 pax.

Switch Queensbay Mall
– long queue from 9 onwards around 30 pax.
– selling start 10.30am
– first buyer is an Aunt where “her daughter” help to queue up first.

Switch Straits Quay
– queue from 8.30 onwards
– mostly seem is tourists
– selling start 10am

iStudy 1st Avenue
– unsure the queue
– very limited stock, around 10 iPad 2 only ( unsure is it each model or total quantity )

Harvey Norman Queensbay Mall
– rumors start selling on 9.30am or 10am
– stock controlled each day from Friday to Sunday
– different promotion package when Purchasing iPad 2 as their company policy.

All Switch shops have sold out their iPad 2 and restock will be available on next week with unconfirmed date.
Harvey Norman have different approach which they selling iPad 2 each day with limited stocks. So buyers still can go to Harvey Norman on Saturday and Sunday to queue up on early morning and get their model.
Unsure on iStudy plans.

I feel so exciting to see everyone really wait patiently for their iPad 2 and it’s really a big hit compare with iPad 1 release in Malaysia last year. We need to thanks to Apple which they announce the 3rd wave selling this highly anticipate tablets to Malaysia. Some people are happy on the purchase and some people are cursing because the stocks are way too limited. Just imagine the shop start selling at 10 am morning and inform everyone that sold out at 10 minutes later. The shop are giving a card to buyers which model and color they would like to buy. This will able to control the stock allocation and inform other buyers once the card are finish, there is no more stock available today but can reserve order to wait on 2nd batch.

The stock are very limited in Malaysia where other country also have this problem. Consequently end up consumers start scolding to the shops in front or in facebook fan page. Nevertheless, we as a buyers have another option which is order iPad 2 from the Apple Online Store with Free shipping around 1-2 weeks at the moment. I would recommend this who can wait and no need hassle to queue up and squeeze with other ppl on the shopping mall.

iPad 2 fever in Penang, Malaysia – 29 April is da day

Well today Motorola Xoom is announce to launch to Malaysia in May, Apple will not be defeat and announce iPad 2 launching in Malaysia on 29th April 2011 which is tomorrow.

I am so happy to have a party of friends from Lowyat Forum which they found details on the stock from Harvey Norman and Switch which selling iPad 2 on Friday. I am not sure on iStudy located in 1st Avenue whether they are participate this epic event but hopefully other people will let me know on this.

Just now around 6.30pm I went to Queensbay Mall and there is still no sign of line up for iPad 2 queue. So 2night they will only start preparing and waiting the public on Friday Morning.

For me, I have iPad 1st version and not so tempted on the iPad 2nd version. I shall upgrade unless got somebody willing to sponsor me. Wish everyone have a good hunt tomorrow.

iPad 2 start pre-order in Malaysia, get Ready end of April

well well well, I been long time didn’t update and have some good news to everyone in Malaysia and Singapore. The hype is getting hotter and hotter about iPad 2 launch in Malaysia and Singapore.

As I check on Lowyat forum, there is a user post their deposit receipt from one of famous Apple Premium Retailer to book iPad 2 on this coming weekend on April 2011. The unofficial price at the moment are below :

iPad 2 WiFi
16GB RM1599
32GB RM1899
64GB RM2199

iPad 2 WiFi+3G
16GB RM1999
32GB RM2299
64GB RM2599

Smart Cover Poly : RM150
Smart Cover Leather : RM250

Price mostly are quite similiar with iPad 1 price when launching last year in Malaysia. So hopefully this rumours will be coming true very soon and everyone is crazy and maybe will line up to get this latest iPad 2 .

iPad 2 released, iPad 1 price drop… Great News

Everyone is so delighted to hear the iPad 2 have announce by Apple CEO Steve. This is really a remarkable upgrade compare with iPad 1st version.

iPad 2 features

– A5 dual core processor -> more faster

– thinner, lighter, same battery performance

-front and rear camera

– facetime, photobooth, imovies, garageband

– accessories such as Smart Cover and Digital AV connector.

I am fully impressed with the Smart Cover as truely make the consumer fascinate the idea when the cover is closed the ipad, then ipad is in sleep mode. When peel up, the ipad will wake up. This will let us no need to press the sleep button everytime.

As the iPad 2 will start launch from 11 March in US, Malaysia buyers will need to wait more before the official launch. The 1st version iPad is officially launch in Malaysia on November 2010, so need to wait few more months on this. But good news if those who wants to get iPad 1st version right now as the price has drop a lots. Example for 16GB wifi version from RM 1549 to RM 1199 . This is RM 350 drop which is a lot. So grab it now if doesn’t need the iPad 2.

Samsung Tab 10.1 – enhancement of iPad

Last few days Samsung have release a new version on a bigger Samsung Tab – which is a 10.1 inch screen layout.

Mostly we can understand the changes from Samsung Tab 7 inch screen and Samsung Tab 10.1 is bigger screen, similiar layout, black matte plastic layout for better grip.

What is the difference on the Samsung Tab 10.1 and 1st of iPad :

– Honeycomb OS look great

– Camera on front and back

-iPad looks slimmer

-Samsung tab 10.1 look smaller in screen edge.


Hopefully this few months we shall see the changes of iPad 2… to fight down all the competitors.

New Canon Camera for year 2011 wishlist – Canon 600D

Today just saw some preview from which Canon announce few compact camera and two new DSLR camera with other accessories. The most I am interested for the new lineup is the Canon 600D.
This camera is another upgrade from Canon 550D and below the level on Canon 60D. This should be in the Entry Level of DSLR as well.

So from 550D, you can shoot picture and record video in 1080p, but from the LCD screen, you can turn the screen just like the Canon 60D. This is a great plus if need to shoot impossible angle of photos or videos.

What I can understand also is the wireless flash function as well from the Canon 60D.

There are other products just being introduce as well such as 2 new Flashes : 320EX and 270EX II. 320EX offer a LED light which is for video recording during the dark. New budget DSLR Canon 1100D which is the pre-successor of 1000D. 2 new L lenses and few compact camera such as

So I’m waiting for Canon Malaysia to be kind let me review the Canon 600D , to compare the success from Canon 500D and Canon 550D and what are the catch for Canon 60D users on this.

One Day with Macbook Pro 13

I’m so happy that I have been an honor to test Apple Macbook Pro for 1 day. It’s so gorgeous  to feel, hold, touch, experience in any aspect. Actually this one day is for me to help my leader to setup the system to install the necessary setup.

The Hardware

My leader choose the lowest package ever the Macbook Pro release. Mostly are 4GB Ram, 250GB Hdd, Core 2 Duo 2.3Mhz, 13.3 LED LCD and other normal spec. One of the nice thing is the power charger which is a magnet to the Macbook Pro charger port and no need to worry whether you plug into wrong side on the connector.

The OS X

The most selling point is the operating system in Mac system , the OSX 10.6 . It work flawlessly which I respect most compare with Windows 7. The boot up time took about 1 minutes plus and shutdown just about 10-15 seconds . If compare with Windows, this gonna take a long time if using the same processor speed. One thing I love is the stand by mode, which is just stand by Instantly like the Macbook Air. This is really a gorgeous  features.

The Mac Store

Apple have announce Mac Store this year and many people have install and play with it. It is just like App Store for iPhone and iPad. The formula are simple, just find the software, purchase and use it. It is very simple to use. If you have been use iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, this won’t be a stranger to everyone.

Overall, I love the design specially the keyboard back lit, the multi-touch pad control, the aluminium construction, and the Apple logo back lit from the front system. It is truly gorgeous system to use.


MySniffer – Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

Maxis contest participant badge

One day, we usually use the phone everyday in our daily life. If the phone has been lost or stolen and you are so desperate to know how we can retrieve it back. With the technology, we can use MySniffer.
My Sniffer Logo

MySniffer is mostly doing a very important task, which to locate your mobile phones where about. The inspiration  is come from which Apple company let iPhone, iPod touch or iPad user to find the iDevices and perform other tasks such as send message to the iDevices, lock with pin or remote wipe.

The image

From, the iDevices only able to detect when the user is online. With MySniffer, it will expand and grow with GSM technology with mobile networks to transfer the information back from the cell tower. Thus the software will inform the owner the location of the phone. Registration are easy, once the owner have register an account from iPad, user able to insert their telephone number specially for Maxis subscriber and a confirmation are required from the phone to acknowledge on this. The phone maybe applicable to any smartphones such as blackberry, symbian , android etc or normal mobile phones if the mobile telephone company are allow to do so.

The main menu

When the information has sync with IMEI which is a identification on each phone, things will be getting easy to trace out. Few functions can be perform via control with iPad. Owner mostly will send SMS / Newsflash to the phone, inform to return back to the owner if possible. If this is not the case, owner can control to lock the phone with security codes. This will depends on the phone capability. Lastly the simplest option is wipe the information store on the phone to prevent contact, photos been published out to unwanted media. With this features, the owner will feel safer as the data has been wiped out.

Conclusion, we are relying help from mobile network to help us gain back our belonging. Sometimes if we go to standard authorities and they also do not know how to start to investigate this issues. With this application, we can able to track it in efficient and accurate to the target we are findings. Information and Technology are keep changing very fast and security is a very important roles on this social media era.

iPad is available in Apple Premium Seller Shop or with Maxis with attractive iPad broadband Plan.

CES 2011… awesome wicked tablets war

today Microsoft,  Sony, Motorola, NEC, Samsung ( just to name a few branded here ) have announce their own new products show off in CES 2011 Las Vegas. I try to see the live streaming from Ustream from my office and boy or boy, the new stuff are totally wicked.. I guess my pockets will be have bigger holes if I would like to have everything .

Just to summarize what I happy about just the first day of CES 2011

Microsoft – IE9, Multi-Touch Mouse, Surface in more pixel , Avatar Kinetic, Windows Phone app .

Sony – The green hornet movie with Jay Chow , all about 3D , Bravia TV

Samsung – Sliding PC 7 , Samsung non bezel LCD LED TV

Motorola – Xoom tablet with Andriod 3.0 Honeycomb interface. Love this a lots.

Panasonic – Viera tablet

Sharp – Galapagos tablet

Acer –  Iconia Tab tablet