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Spot the blogger – Dec 2010 – Start from N

It’s so lucky that I meet someone from the net… Put a pictures for sneak peak..

Who is it ?

At that time I just tweet with him and he doesn’t know I just in front of him … Well he is more famous then me of course. Next time sure chat with him soon.


Friday !! wait for dinner

Look at those pictures.. really cannot tahan and want to bite..


Hurray ! Monday Monday …

today I wake up early and faster headed to office to get the cheap computer stuff. Lucky I am able to bid what I need. I shall show the babe I have buy in few weeks time…

this week my target to write a quite decent product review on a Camera, it should be DSLR from Canon. Just stay tuned… I saw my old blog and that’s totally classic. Time to wrap something different.

Pictures to let you all drools..
Lutong in Lot 10

This is er.... Char Koay Teow ?

Koey kak from Foh San Ipoh

Chee Cheong Fun in Foh San Ipoh

The little tiny creatures

cute little flowerin Genting Highlands

One Weekend

Long long time and it’s time to remake a new layout.

These pics taken few months before on this year.


We have Dim Sum in Ayer Item
Dim Sum

The Grass
Green Grass

In Sake Sushi

Last few weeks we have Apple iPhone 4 launch in Malaysia. Many people are crazy about this gadgets and getting from every mobile phone provider. I won’t get on this babe yet for this year unless got somebody want to give me as a gift… hehe..

I just want to wish condolences to my cousin and their family as their mother has just pass away. RIP to my second aunt from my dad side.

This week gonna post more notes and will updates on current events as well.