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TC Lim & Shereen Khoo Wedding @ Cititel Hotel Penang

Last month I just join my ex-company wedding dinner from Shereen. It was a fantastic night in Cititel and everyone just dance along with the music.

I create a Video and hope everyone likes the tunes.


Yen Khai & Huey Wan Wedding @ G Hotel June 2011

It’s my first time to attend Wedding at G Hotel this year. The meal is fabulous and the service are quite nice indeed.

Check it out my first ever wedding video edit. Hope everyone like it.

Canon EOS 1st Gathering 2011 – Coob Coffee Komtar Walk

Last Sunday night I go to Coob Coffee in Komtar to join the 1st ever Unofficial gathering of EOS Canon DSLR. Well I do have just a normal Kit lens Dslr but they give out all their poison stuff…

Check it out the pictures…. They are awesome with L Lens. My dream wish list lens also at there as well.

L family club
This one shot from 100mm F2.8L Macro – simply amazing. 100L macro shot

100mm F2.8L macro

70-200mm F4L

70-200 F4L

70-200 F 2.8L

18-135 kit lens

Also the F cupF cup

One word for this picture : ” Clear ”
clear cup

SMCpg #4 in Chai Diam Ma – eat, drink, meet

It’s a beautiful morning today that I attend this meet up after the twestival. This time meet up is about chatting around on social media topic.

chai diam ma

The location this time is Chai Diam Ma and it’s fully of local old stuff which can remind our childhood memories. The meal are nice indeed and check it out on their menu which is just display on their wall.

The meet up poster

We start to have a nice introduction from Tjun Chye on talking on SMCpg current and upcoming progress. Next we have our meal and begin to chit chat. I was thinking maybe we can have a game to make it more merrier and it works. This game is called Guessing game which let a person to guess the answer but others have to give hints or clue to guess the answer. To play this, I have use a LCD monitor which connected with my iPhone to have mirror display on the pictures. So everyone can see the clue except the person need to guess the answer.

location is wow

Everyone is just laughing when the game start as we all using different kind of method to give the clue to the contestants. I feel quite happy that everyone is participate this games and make everyone a memorable fun indeed.

everyone sitting down

cake with ice cream

group photo

Penang iPad Gathering 7th May

Last Saturday I manage to join an iPad gathering in Starbucks e-Gate. I’m so happy although it’s not a lots of ppl gather around but manage got 2 new friends bring their iPad 2 white color to come and show off.

Everyone have a great time and we just talk around until midnite. It’s truly fun and share around the problem around between iPad 1st version and iPad 2nd version. Mostly on the problem on iPad 2 version is the LCD display bleeding issue. One of my friends manage to contact Apple directly and they agree to exchange one on this. I could consider he is lucky on this and hope the new iPad 2 doesn’t have so much display bleeding issue.

i put a hint for the gathering which is “Apple” on the table. Now they are exciting to show off their new casing and would like to have another gathering this weekend. Anyone who is interested to join please do let me know.

Things special in PC Fair Penang May ’11

Today I have went to PISA to see if any special deals I can get from there in term of Mobile Broadband, Memory Card, Hard disk and etc.

Few things catch my attention are :-

– Broadband TV from various China Channel. This required a Streamyx broadband connection.
-Sandisk Pen Drive 4GB is RM 20, 8GB RM 37, 16 GB RM 67.
-Western HDD 500GB 2.5 mobile selling RM 199

PC Fair Penang 06 – 08 May 2011

It’s now , the PC fair Penang from Pikom in PISA start Friday till Sunday on 6th to 8th May 2011.

This time Switch also promote their latest iMac and other Apple products as well on this. Please bear in mind no iPad 2 sales from Switch as the 2nd batch stocks will given to those pre-book sales from the first day on iPad 2 sell.

Broadband fair will be another hit again from various telco. So let’s get shopping

Penang Twestival 2011 finally finish, see u next year

Finally after few weeks of buzy on Twestival and no time update on my own blog, finally it is end yesterday and overall it runs smoothly.

I was feel a bit dissapointed as still have many things need me to sorted it out and causing me nervous on this. I am so depress cause I have no ideas how to operate the equipment from the restaurant. So I guess many ppl will look on me as no preparations on this marvelous event.

On the final count, we manage to get the donation on RM 7750 from two weeks which is not a bad performance. I was in charge on the blog in PenangTwestival website and hopefully everyone enjoy the story.

Pictures and Videos will be posting out from the website and hope everyone really have a great time at there.

Join the fun with #yespenang on 12th Mac @yes4G

YesPenang team photo

I was not invited on this event, but I follow them on #yespenang where there is a bunch of bloggers from KL and Penang to take part on this event.

On 12th Mac, the gang start from KL with 3 Alphards and 1 Yes Sprinter ( Van ) to hunt which is the best food along the way to Penang. Along the journey, their task is need to check the broadband speed from Yes4G compare with other broadband connection. They will update the speed real time in twitter or facebook along the way. Best thing is, each person are given a Yes Huddle ( mifi modem ) to play with.

Inside on Yes Sprinter Van, they also include few power socket for laptop charging and their new home router name Yes Zoom. The best thing of Yes Zoom is there is a plug for an our old telephone socket to use. So Yes have a mobile number but you can answer and calling by using our old telephone with yes Zoom. Some contestants also have the very first 4G phone name Yes Buzz to test the sound quality during the trip.

Their Journey stop on first pit stop start from Bidor, then Ipoh, then some restroom then finally reach in Queesbay Mall Penang where the roadshow is held at there. After the group photo, they went to Vistana Hotel to have their dinner with delicious food again. I just meet them up on the supper session where they come to Gurney Drive Hawker Center and share out their thought during the fun trip.

During the test, they have proved Yes4G is providing a stable and quality premium service for mobility in North South Expressway in Malaysia. The signal will drop when it is reach to a hillside or inside the tunnel where this is acceptable . 90% on their trip is able to use Yes4G network. This is important since Yes4G also promote their mobile phone number as part of the package.

So for any North South Expressway mobile user, beside Maxis providing the broadband service, the next contestants will be Yes4G where giving more speed, faster and reliable signal currently in the market.

BEST transport service from @rapidpg

This is a great news for everyone who stay in mainland in butterworth who usually need to travel to Penang Island to work. Rapid Penang have do a trial run in support with Penang Government to take part this program. This BEST ( Bridge Express Shuttle Transit ) program is benefits to all users which need to go Industrial zone from mainland in Butterworth.

This program start from 1st March 2011 for 6 months. The journey start from Sunway Carnival Car park in Seberang Jaya to Penang Island from Monday to Friday except Public Holiday. Total of 16 Buses will join this program and all Rapid Penang on this BEST program will have wi-fi ready.

From my understanding :

– user park their car in Sunway Carnival Car Park ( RM 1 each day )

– proceed to bus stop which opposite 7-11 around 3 minutes walk to take the bus

– rapid bus will classified as BA, BB and BC.

-Earliest is from 5.30am and run every 20 minutes until 8.10am. Trip is around 45 minutes.

-To go back, time start from 4.30pm from Bukit jambul Complex, also 20 minutes until last bus is 7.30pm.

As I understand on the first day 1st march, there is a accident just outside of Intel zone and cause massive Jam. Overall the operation works well and some of my collegues praise with this program. The catch is remember the car need to be lock at all times to prevent the thieves.

Benefits :

– save money on toll and petrol ( Big plus )

– each day pay RM 1 for car park in Sunway Carnival.

– wifi for everyone in the bus to check news, music, fb, twitter…