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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Demo review

Last two days I have download the Latest Need For Speed Demo from Playstation Store UK. The full game will release soon on November 2010. The file size is about 1.2GB, so I just left it and head to work. By the time i come back, the game is install and ready to go.

Upon the welcome movie and screen layout, I was impress the design are not bad. There are two tracks for the demo, which are :

Carson Ridge Reservoir – Police chase Night time .
Roadsters Reborn – Speed on Day light time.

This is the car selection .

car select

You need to log in to PSN and get friends to play this demo in order to play “Roadsters Reborn”. Lucky I have mates also eager to play this demo too. I have run couple of races and I have the time which i think is quite ” fast “. See who can beat me.

For Police track, you can use a few options to inform the police agent to do specific thing. Few example you can call Road block by select the direction Right key, issue a Spike strip bu select the direction down key. It’s truly fun as we can always bang the car.

Here is the gameplay screen.

the game play screen

Carson Ridge Reservoir – 1 minute 10 seconds
Roadsters Reborn – 3 minutes 29 seconds

the quickest I can run on this track

Overall review, the graphics are quite impressive, the drift are very automatic, easily to handling even you are not using a steering wheel. The police car are awesome.It’s fun to play. One word to describe, : AWESOME

I shall get the full version when it is release, or maybe somebody would like to sponsor me for more details review, which I am deeply appreciate.


Ferrari Roar in Gurney Plaza Penang

I guess these Prancing horse are worth on pictures not worth on talking. Vroom Vroom. So let get the pictures getting started.


the logo

striking red

the front F430

the rims