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Yes 4G reload cards and e-reloads

Yes just recently release more methods to reloads their credits. If you doesn’t feel safe to purchase the credits either from maybank 2 u or credits card ( or if you do not have the access at the moment ), you can go to any e-reloads counter to purchase the e-code and redeem back to your credits account.
Another methods is you can get the reload cards from any participate shops mentioned from Yes website range from RM 10, RM 30, RM 50 and RM 100. So more choice for everyone to reload and spend more on the Internet.
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Yes Life for iOS device – hurray to Yes4G

After all the gossip and rumor, Yes4G now have an software App for Apple iOS products to make / receive calls or send / received SMS on Yes number. Introducing Yes Life for iOS. Kudos to the Yes4G for creating such useful app and it is available to download via iTunes free right now.

Yes Life for iOS

Previously we are curious, if we have a mobile phone number from Yes4G, how we gonna use it as mobile. When they launch this all in one package, we only can call / sms via Yes Life software on Windows only. Later they have launch a phone name Yes Buzz. Both of these solution for me yet still aren’t satisfy yet. If I have a mac system then I am unable to use Yes Life.

With this App right now, things will change differently. You shall able to call / received from your iOS devices. This is include iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Wait a minute, how iPad and iPod Touch can be call / sms ? It just simple. You have to plug in the Apple earphone with microphone into the iPod touch or iPad and just like Skype, you can talk via this connection.

Right now you can have two telephone number from your iPhone at the same time. Sound pretty insane? How is it works like that ? Well it just like Skype where you can make calls / chat with your friends anywhere in the world.

What is the catch for using this software ? You need fast broadband connection. In order to utilize Yes Life, you need internet connection to work. From my understanding, the best to pair with Yes Life with iOS currently is either using Yes Huddle mifi or Yes Zoom home router. These two devices will transfer the signal via wifi to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. From there, you shall able to make / receive calls or send / receive sms via Yes Life. You can check the usage via the website later on the usage you have use.

What if you do not have Yes Huddle or Yes Zoom but still need to use Yes Life ? Not a problem, you still able to use it via any wifi connection on your 3G connection. But YesLife will take out the data from your service provider or wifi station. This means you shall charge both connection ( One is 3G data connection or in your wifi station , one is charge from your Yes Life ). If you use Yes Huddle / Yes Zoom, they will not charge on your internet data package. Simple as that.

Yes Life for iOS has a file size is about 10.2MB and support from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad 1 and iPad 2. You are required to have iOS 4.0 onwards as it is required to work in the background ( only if your iOS support multitasking ). In the future they are invent an app for Android phone, so more users can use this app to connect to their family.


– make calls/sms via iPod Touch, iPad 1 and iPad 2 ( first time in Malaysia )

– able to use abroad as it required internet connection.

– 2nd mobile number without sim card required.


– required internet connection. If no data connection, Yes Life are not able to login.

– you get extra charge on data connection if you are not using Yes network ( recommend using Yes products such as Yes Huddle / Yes Zoom )

– required multi-tasking iOS as need to run in background.

Summary :

In the future of telecommunication, you should not require so many trouble that is it need a sim card , micro sim card to use this features. Yes Life for iOS devices is really a great app to let all Yes4G users to fully utilize the services which Yes4G offer so far. It just a software and you are ready to communicate with anyone once it is connected. With current Yes Valuepack / Campuspack promotion, you can get free calls and sms without paying extra on your bill. Yes4G have a wide coverage in major city center in Malaysia and this will be a trend very soon.

@yes4g roadshow in Queensbay Mall

Today Yes4G has come to do 2nd roadshow in Queensbay Mall from today 10 – 13 March 2011.

This week special :

– announce Valuepack RM 68 and RM 150

– Yes Buzz mobile phone for RM 488 – red version only.

– Yes Zoom – Home Wireless Router with telephone capability.  RM 399

Yet no special freebies when purchasing during the roadshow.

Yes4G with Valuepack Promo

yes value pack

At last Yes4G announce the valuepacks for user need more data to use rather paying everytime and check for rebates and so on.

Yes4G announce two package which is RM 68 and RM 150 . I would like to say RM 68 on 3.5GB bandwidth is really competitive with other mobile broadband company. Actually paying RM 68 is the same value as we pay for normal Yes package after the rebate. The extra is the 150 minutes voice and 150 sms package.

Package RM 150 will have 10GB space, 250 Minutes talktime and 250 SMS. Each package can purchase once on each month and cannot buy another pack until the next month. RM 30 minimum commitment is not applied once valuepack is purchase. This is something what I can understand.

I guess this is useful for Voice calls and SMS  if you

1) using PC which using Yes Life to fully utilize or

2) Yes Buzz mobile phone to call or sms.