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Blackberry Playbook Mini Review – impress

Last weekend my friend show me his new poison stuff, the Blackberry Playbook. At the moment Malaysia still haven’t selling yet officially but this unit is bought from US as usual.

blackberry playbook

Mostly people start asking : iPad 2 is the hottest tablet right now in Malaysia and keep selling like hot cakes, why this person give up and get this playbook instead? His answer is simple : To be different what other person doesn’t have.

the power button  with volume control

From my initial feeling, it’s quite small if compare with iPad and of course you can say you can carry it out by just fitting into a smaller bag. My friend show me how to wake up the playbook without pressing the power button and it works by just a touch from bottom to middle and the screen display just stood up. This is what I am impress compare with iPad. I will not using 4 or 5 fingers to minimize the apps to mainscreen from iPad or iPad 2, instead Playbook are just using one fingers to rule them all. Top slide to show Status bar, bottom slide to minimize the apps, left corner slide to center to show keyboard, and left or right swipe is to switch programs. That’s is awesome.

ipad and playbok

Pros :
– 7″ inch are easy to carry. Multitasking are awesome.
– Hand gesture are awesome . No home button from front screen compare with iPad or Galaxy Tab.
– Stereo speakers.
-using microhd cable to display Full HD mirror display to any Full HD tv.

iphone and playbook

Cons :
– basic apps available. Limited 3rd party application from developer.
– power button are hard to press.

behind playbook

Price range : 16GB US$499 32GB US$599 ( or around RM 2k ), 64GB US$ 699. All not include sales tax.


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