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TGV Cinema in 1st Avenue Jan ’11

Today evening I went to Tanjung Golden Village Cinema which is just opened few days ago to see how to compare with another famous Cinema in Penang.

When I enter the cinema room I was watching the show – Home Coming. The cinema room is number 8. The difference i can see is the seat are more space compare the cinema in Gurney Plaza. Your leg can stretch to the front seat without touching as well. The couple seat however is from one row to three row, so giving more couple to enjoy the show very much.

There is however a promotion to get Buy 1 free 1 for Citibank credit card holder. Max is 4 tickets total. So anyone want to watch movie on the weekend, this is the best deal to enjoy movie with Citibank credit card.


Fun Friday Activity – Food For Thought

Today we have an lovely event for getting fun in the company – Food for thought. Basically one the of activities is to give donations to one of the orphans , House Of Hope. The team able to fund out RM 6,000 and convert into Milk powder and rice to them.

Today activities will have few programs such as blind eating competition, Hat decorations, Cocktail mix and Cake decorations. I am so surprise that my team able to get first prize for the cake decorations . We have a voucher for RM 100 to spend for the prize. Basically we need to decorate the cake with different sweeties from a plain butter sponge cake. When we finish the decorations, I found some cake really deserve to win better than us. Hahaha


Yes4G selling location in Penang – Jan ’11

I try to check few website to see where any Yes 4G have been sold in Penang at the moment. I just figure it out from my findings.

1) Get from USM – University Sains Malaysia. It is located in nearby Main Library , Dewan Kuliah H . Operation hour is from 9am – 6pm business hour. I manage to go there but it’s over 6pm and nobody is at there. To get there, drive from the Sg. Dua gate area, once go in, make a turn right and drive a little bit up hill. Try to park your car on the left side where some stalls are selling some stuff, and you can just walk into the Main Library there .

2) A computer shop in Prangin Mall. I am unable to disclose as it is still unofficial statement from Yes website. But it is very easy to find when it is in the computer zone at there.

There is one places outside Queensbay , bay avenue where a Yes4G service sign has been put on one of the shop lots there. Once confirmed from Yes4G website, then I shall release the info here as well.

Hopefully there will be many places for consumers to get the Yes 4G broadband connection.


Ride rapid penang bus with free 8 iPads lucky draw to grab

Penang ipad to grab


I just know this contest today and hopefully it is a great news for everyone in Penang. Rapid Penang bus company have released a picture that they would like to give away 8 iPads for this Chinese New year. This contest start from Feb 1 till 30th April 2011. So Don’t ride the bus right now until 1st Feb if you would like to join this contest . The entry is simple, either purchase 30 bus tickets for 1 entry, or get their monthly pass . I guess this is a good start this year since everyone is crazy about iPad.

So everyone, get ready and ride the bus with Rapidpg then !!

One Day with Macbook Pro 13

I’m so happy that I have been an honor to test Apple Macbook Pro for 1 day. It’s so gorgeous  to feel, hold, touch, experience in any aspect. Actually this one day is for me to help my leader to setup the system to install the necessary setup.

The Hardware

My leader choose the lowest package ever the Macbook Pro release. Mostly are 4GB Ram, 250GB Hdd, Core 2 Duo 2.3Mhz, 13.3 LED LCD and other normal spec. One of the nice thing is the power charger which is a magnet to the Macbook Pro charger port and no need to worry whether you plug into wrong side on the connector.

The OS X

The most selling point is the operating system in Mac system , the OSX 10.6 . It work flawlessly which I respect most compare with Windows 7. The boot up time took about 1 minutes plus and shutdown just about 10-15 seconds . If compare with Windows, this gonna take a long time if using the same processor speed. One thing I love is the stand by mode, which is just stand by Instantly like the Macbook Air. This is really a gorgeous  features.

The Mac Store

Apple have announce Mac Store this year and many people have install and play with it. It is just like App Store for iPhone and iPad. The formula are simple, just find the software, purchase and use it. It is very simple to use. If you have been use iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, this won’t be a stranger to everyone.

Overall, I love the design specially the keyboard back lit, the multi-touch pad control, the aluminium construction, and the Apple logo back lit from the front system. It is truly gorgeous system to use.


ACE hardware shop in Queesbay Mall, Penang

Finally there is a famous hardware shop ever from KL has arrive to Queesbay Mall Penang which is ACE Hardware Shop. I understand this shop is open last few days and it’s my all time favorite shop when I go to IKEA in One Utama .

So basically this shop just selling all the hardware tools , DIY  things you required to do for your indoor house, garden, BBQ, car cleaning  etc. This time you are eligible to get some branded products from foreign countries which normally can’t get from the local hardware shop. I just visit the shop today and quite pretty impressive as their setup are similar when I go to Ikano shopping center. The power tools are not as much as in the 1U but it does selling most branded stuff like Bosch, Black and Decker etc…

Overall, I am sure I shall visit this shop every time when I come to Queensbay Mall again

At last, arrived… Very nice indeed.

2day is indeed a important day for my both frenz… They have received their Macbook pro and iPad indeed. This afternoon I just help them track the parcel and indeed received from their family members.

When I got home, my fren just bring out his lovely Macbook Pro 13 inch to see the beauty. He is damn happy indeed and he is speechless . He is really love the macbook pro so much. I just praise myself as able to poison him this stuff so much… Next target he want a iPad… then mouse , bag , laptop cooler… hahaha.

This weekend I got many things need to done.. Specially my company project… This month really need to end and I can do my LED project very soon…

Happy Thaipusam to everyone in Year 2011

I would like to say Happy Thaipusam to everyone who enjoy this 3 days event.  Today is the main event where most of the people doesn’t work. For me, I have to work and save money for getting back my Dslr… so there won’t have any pictures for me to capture on this marvelous event.

I saw my colleagues have updates on their facebook and lots of beautiful photos have captures.. I try to share it out if they are allow me to do so.

Remember I have mentioned i been poison two of my office mates to get Apple stuff ? Well they have wait to get their lovely products… One of my mates have received their iPad case and Camera connection kit, but still haven’t get the iPad yet… Another person is waiting for Macbook pro…. Wish them luck to get these on tomorrow …

MySniffer – Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

Maxis contest participant badge

One day, we usually use the phone everyday in our daily life. If the phone has been lost or stolen and you are so desperate to know how we can retrieve it back. With the technology, we can use MySniffer.
My Sniffer Logo

MySniffer is mostly doing a very important task, which to locate your mobile phones where about. The inspiration  is come from which Apple company let iPhone, iPod touch or iPad user to find the iDevices and perform other tasks such as send message to the iDevices, lock with pin or remote wipe.

The image

From, the iDevices only able to detect when the user is online. With MySniffer, it will expand and grow with GSM technology with mobile networks to transfer the information back from the cell tower. Thus the software will inform the owner the location of the phone. Registration are easy, once the owner have register an account from iPad, user able to insert their telephone number specially for Maxis subscriber and a confirmation are required from the phone to acknowledge on this. The phone maybe applicable to any smartphones such as blackberry, symbian , android etc or normal mobile phones if the mobile telephone company are allow to do so.

The main menu

When the information has sync with IMEI which is a identification on each phone, things will be getting easy to trace out. Few functions can be perform via control with iPad. Owner mostly will send SMS / Newsflash to the phone, inform to return back to the owner if possible. If this is not the case, owner can control to lock the phone with security codes. This will depends on the phone capability. Lastly the simplest option is wipe the information store on the phone to prevent contact, photos been published out to unwanted media. With this features, the owner will feel safer as the data has been wiped out.

Conclusion, we are relying help from mobile network to help us gain back our belonging. Sometimes if we go to standard authorities and they also do not know how to start to investigate this issues. With this application, we can able to track it in efficient and accurate to the target we are findings. Information and Technology are keep changing very fast and security is a very important roles on this social media era.

iPad is available in Apple Premium Seller Shop or with Maxis with attractive iPad broadband Plan.

Gong xi Gong xi is coming…

It’s Sunday again… since I do not have DSLR to play around right now, so daily routine will be



-be taxi driver for gf

-rest at home



Sunday routine is back to normal…

Today is a bit special… I have to help my gf family to drive to Sunshine farlim without being inform. After that I have to go her place to help drilling holes for their furniture… then got a buyer come to see my gf car which need to be sell… All this without inform me which make me feel angry and wasting my time. I have many projects need to clear this month before the Chinese New Year… Well, I have to tell her the right expectations… ask me do a lots of stuff but no reward back… When I just got home and very tired and can’t do my own things already… She got mentioned to me i am a lazy guy but think again, it’s too tired since have to do so many things for her. So I now understand how to avoid and how to control this time… but no worries…. Chinese new Year is coming soon… Yippie !!