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Pikom PC fair University in Dewan Utama Pelajar USM 2010

I just went to there today to see how big is the event held organized by Pikom. Please do not give a high expectation on this event.

The hall  is located on the behind of the USM. Everyone can find this easily access coming from the behind of Bukit Gambir / Ivory Plaza / Kassim Mamak Shop. The Building have 4 Halls but the Fair is just using two Halls which is on upstair.

Things you can see is just selling some computer accessories, mobile broadband ( Maxis, Digi, Celcom, P1 ), laptop and that’s it… it’s a very small hall compare with previous Pikom organize in PISA , so if everyone think to get cheap stuff, it aren’t going to be happen.

I found something good deal is on Mobile Broadband war between Maxis and Digi. They are offering quite nice deal and really fighting each other.  Digi have a discover deal which is RM 38 per month and promise the speed is 700kbps from 7am to 7pm. After those time, the speed will drop. No contract involved and the download limit is 3GB per month. If need constant speed anytime , you may need to pay RM 68 which the download limit is 6GB. Freebies will be given upon sign up.

Maxis is really fight back with the best offer is on 3GB, which if you are a maxis postpaid subscriber, you just need to pay RM 48 only per month. No contract involve if you are maxis postpaid and also first five month have discount another RM 10 each month. Freebies will be given upon sign up. I feel this is the best deal ever get from Maxis, as they try to compete with Yes4G… Really is this a fight ?


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