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Canon 60D Preview @ Canon Boutique Penang 18 Sept 2010

Canon 60D

I am so happy that I am able to attend the Canon newly launch their Semi-Pro DSLR. I didn’t able to get a chance on the Reviewer Program offer by Canon, yet I still able to play with the camera to see how it can perform on this new baby. I went to the Canon Boutique Shop in Penang near New World Park which is not yet officially open yet. Upon register, we have a free gift as welcome gift – a Canon Tumbler.

Waiting For introduction

After some slides show and video presentation which introduced by Xavier about the advantages on this 60D, we have given few units of 60D to play with it. There are a lots of Penang Kia users waiting to play this new 60D so we take turn to play with it.

the lens

All Preview Canon 60D are equipped with 18-135mm IS Kits Lens. When I take my turn to get this Canon 60D, the weight really balance between the body and the kits lens. Mostly some people have mentioned if you get 500D or 550D with attached a 18- 200mm IS kit lens, the body is too light and cause a big unbalance. The body is bigger than 550D and smaller than 7D from the presentation. As I grab the camera from my palm hand, it just really feel so nice. I think quite some people have review and said this camera is really match to their hands, which cannot be separate or feel like natural holding the camera without any difficulties.

the body

For the body constructions, since it is not from pre-successor 50D which have magnesium body frame, the 60D give like a higher quality plastic and yet giving lighter weight to match with lens or flashes when combine together. The buttons are now on right side hand, to let the user just using right hand to control all the settings, leaving the left hand just target on switching the zooming or focus from the lens.

main menu

The best from 60D is the LCD articulated screen. Normally from a DSLR, the LCD screen is pretty just stick to the camera body.

The screen

The camera

Extra features from the Menu which is Creative Filters. You can also resize the pictures if you short of memory space from your SD card. Wireless flash tigger is able to use internally from the Camera as well.

All the pros

The center button for changing selection

Lastly we have a lunch from Eden catering and the overall event is lovely. I hope next time I can join more on this event in the future time. Thumbs up to Canon Malaysia !

Yum Yum

The Model shot :


Sweet x3