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Christmas is this weekend… Many things to enjoy…

Christmas is coming this Saturday and a lots of program is coming.

First time is Tuesday have a Apple Switch Show to giveaway iphone 3G/3GS casing to every switch fans. Event start from 7PM in Gurney Plaza center.

On 24th Dec which is Christmas eve, There will be a taiwan famous singer come to Malaysia to do her promo tour. She’s Hebe Tian from S.H.E as she release her new single Album : To Hebe. The event will be held in Auto City from 7pm with other artist on Christmas Eve. Gonna have a lots of ppl to pack up.

Something special from iPhone app updates : Facebook and Foursquare… both app have recently update and give more benefits to everyone for more social networking enhancement tools. Example Facebook have change a new UI setup, Foursquare giving ppl to add tips and comments when ppl are check in the event.

It’s Christmas present for everyone eh??