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Archive for December 17, 2010

Visit to ICT computer zone in Komtar. dec 2010

Last few days before I went for holiday, I have no idea why my desktop computer suddenly is not working… It just won’t swtich on. I was leave a bit sad during the holiday trip to KL but today I’m happy to say my desktop computer is back to working mode.

My first guess of the culprit is the power supply, which is a direct common sense as it doesn’t power up the cpu. Before I go to get the power supply, I try to test my power button switch to check whether it is still functioning or not. After check using multimeter, it still able to work, then I headed to hunt in different computer shops in Komtar and Prangin Mall. There is a new location for computer DIY to buy stuff which is the ICT computer zone in Komtar. It just located on nearby Komtar bus station or opposite of 1st Avenue.

On ground floor will have food court to have rest and enjoy the refreshment. The first floor is selling all kinds of mobile phones you would like to buy, and second floor will be the computer zone. Sadly most of the shops haven’t open yet and they are catching their time to renovate as fast as possible. I like the concept to have this places merged together with mobile phones and computer in one places, which attract more people to visit the very own popular building in Penang.

Since most of the shops haven’t open yet, then I went to Prangin Mall to hunt for my new power supply. Finally I get a cooler master 550W power supply cost RM 165 and quickly went back to home and quickly change it. 20 minutes later, my computer is able to switch on and I am glad on this.