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First Day of iPad sell in Penang, Malaysia

Just a quick search after I finish my work

Day 1 in iPad release in Malaysia

Switch Queensbay Mall – not much ppl in the store, display 1 iPad only for demo. Lots of accessories is selling such as iPad case, iPad charger, iPad keyboard dock, iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Harvey Norman – forgot to visit, will search on Day 2.

Switch Penang – few people in the store. There is a line for you to queue up to purchase iPad. 3 iPad are display on the table to play. Original iPad Accessories are nearly GONE!! Maybe have to ask the staff for the particular item and they will check for you.

All iPad purchased now will be in iOS 4.2.1 . The packaging box also change a little bit, which is the iPad home screen from the box layout will be also in version 4.2.1 screenshot too..

This coming Saturday will have a Switch World day held in Queensbay mall, should attract more people to see this new beauty gadgets.


iPad is Here in Malaysia – 30 Nov 2010

With all the rumours and speculation, iPad officially arrive in Malaysia and the price is super duper interesting.

iPad Malaysia Price

Image Copyright from Machines

I can see this launch is the cheapest price to get in Malaysia as compare to get from foreign country such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Although the launch is late a bit but yet still the hot will not stop at here. It should be quite as hot as iPhone 4 as new version of iOS 4.2.1 is giving a new life to iPad which giving nearly same functionality as iPhone 4.

I want to check the price on accessories later to see how cheap they can offer.. Apple fans, rejoice the fun !!


update 1 :

Ipad price list are blow :

iPad 16G wifi RM1549
iPad 32G wifi RM1849
iPad 64G wifi RM2149
.iPad 16G 3G RM1999
iPad 32G 3G RM2299
iPad 64G 3G RM2599

The price list for accessories are below – really CHEAP!!

iPad case RM129
iPad camera connection kit RM99
iPad dock RM99
iPad Keyboard dock RM229
iPad 10W USB Power Adapter RM99
iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter RM99
AppleCare Protection Plan for iPad RM349

I still remember when I go to those mobile shop and selling the original iPad case is RM 299 !!!..

Hong Kit & Seow Peng Wedding dinner – Starview 28th Nov

I have a wedding dinner on my company colleague located in StarView in New World Park Penang. Dinner invitation start at 7.30 sharp but due to weather, the actual start at 8pm, which not so bad.. We have about 3 tables for our members to sit and mostly of the ppl have arrive. I have been a part time at there as a video and photographer… kuli job only lar, not the professional.

I using video recording on louzy dslr Canon DSLR 500D which can capturing 720P HD video mode. For photoshoot, my lovely colleague borrow me Nikon DSLR D90. So one man two DSLR to capture both video and photo.

Summary, my friend said the meal dishes aren’t so nice to eat… everyone have a great fun as we have some entertainer who sings so well.

Cindy New Home – House Warming in Butterworth

Just now have a lovely dinner at the community hall in Cindy New Home located just at behind Care four, butterworth.  They have order the food catering from Bamboo and the meal are delicious.

After this we combine 5 cars to go to another fren house as tomorrow is his big day, wedding party.


1st (First) Avenue shopping complex in Penang

Last Thursday there is another new shopping complex just open in Penang, which is name 1st (First) Avenue. Currently there is one hyperstore have join the business which is Parkson. This shopping complex which were told will have a lots of branding shop will join in. A cinema and a karaoke box also will be launching soon. This complex is just located opposite Prangin Mall, Komtar and traders hotel.

I also been informed on the first day it packed with a lots of people and everyone just wan to taste the new environment. The parking is located on from 5th to 8th floor and it’s gonna be hectic for driver

Update 1 :  The parking concept in 5th to 7th is actually awesome. Everyone park inside there and meet on the escalator zone, then everyone can see each other on each floor, which is very nice if someone is lost , just meet at the zone and no need feel lost.

There will be a new Cinema, named Tanjung Golden Village .


My fren bachelor night @ OXO , Penang

2nite I have quite enjoy that everyone is having a good time to have celebrate my friend bachelor night in OXO , Queensbay area , Penang. My team department mostly arrive a bit late due to traffic jam after work..

Penang iPad Gathering – 27th Nov 2010

Dunno anyone would like to join the fun ?
ipad gathering

DELL Hollywood Face Off Dinner, Traders Hotel Nov 2010

Last Saturday I have a great fun on attending a company department dinner which is theme on Hollywood Night Dinner in Traders Hotel. Everyone will try to wear something that usually as a hollywood star will do during a premier, or attending some occasion. I just wearing a western suit without a tie, just very casual. Once I have arrive, the ladies are just like glamorous style, some guys are acting as Wolfwerine, Matrix, Captain etc. My colleague have act as superman and he got the best male dress that night.

The event start around 7.15pm with some speech from director and we have our dinner start. There are few performance show will be performed by each department and we are totally enjoy it. First show is a ballade dancing, followed by a singing and much more.

During the dinner, the MCs also ask everyone to take part the event by giving some table games. First table games is to find the pictures based from each story line given in each table. Everyone just rushed from one place to another place to find who has the others pictures and exchange it. I got conned by a lady who has snatch my picture and she doesn’t want to exchange with her pictures. Anyway it just a game so I won’t care on this.

Next table game is to listen the sound from some movie clips and name the movie name. Most of us are able to understand but we did not get any prize. What we are truely happy is the Lucky Draw event where some of my teammates have got some prizes. The best one in my team was he got an iPod Touch 8GB lastest generation. Kudos to him .

Dinner was ended with the last lucky draw @ 1130 PM which is a 42″LCD on Panasonic which won by one of the committee member. Congrats to him and hope he have a wonderful viewing pleasure to enjoy the LCD TV.

Apple release iOS 4.2 to iPad, iPhone, iTV, iTouch

It’s really a Thanksgiving present from Apple that everyone have been waiting for the latest iOS, version 4.2. This is most benefits for the iPad users which have the following features as same as iPhone 4 :

Multitasking – ability to switch the apps without closing them. Reviews are all happy with the performance even the memory RAM is half less compare with iPhone 4.
Folders – ability to groups the apps together into a box, so won’t messy around the main screen.
GameCenter – share scores with other players, to fight and enjoy.
E-mail : giving more functions either to see individual e-mail or groups the e-mail account together.

The extra features are :
airplay – ability to transfer the video / musics to iTV or any apple approve wifi connection on audio visual devices.
airprint – able to print pictures / documents on the wifi connections.
findme – ability to find your lost iPhone / iPad and able to destroy them if required.

I wana try to download for my iPhone 3G , which they claim the response will be much smoother compare with firmware 4.1 . We’ll see how it goes.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 21 Nov 2010

It’s kinda cloudy, windy and worst, rain during this exciting event happen in Penang. I have been a long time didn’t take part on this one of the best event happening in Malaysia, or should say in the world too.

I join the Fun Run event, which is 10KM distance from Eastin Hotel from Queensbay Mall , run into quarter of Penang Bridge then come back to Queensbay Mall. The run start from 7am and should be finish within 1 and 30 minutes.

Due to the weather, some of the contestant are headed back to their dream land. I just bring along a small umbrella in case the rain come back again. The rain stop when the race begun at 7AM but drops came back around 8AM.